Easter Egg Printing

Thanks to our lovely moving franchise, I've been inspired to do LOTS of crafts that involve packing supplies. I found this particular craft in my photo archives from last year. We had a great afternoon with friends by simply laying out some paint, packing supplies, and an egg template and making some prints! 

With Bubble Wrap and More!

Clean Up with ThredUP

If you've been following my blog at all, you've probably noticed that I love to fill you in on great products and companies that I know and adore. I never promote anything without trying it out first, and I can honestly say I've bought and sold clothes with thredUp several times now. It's so simple and WOW are my closets looking good!

How to Give Your Newborn a Bath: The Swaddle Bath Method

This is undoubtedly one of the best tricks I learned during my preemie's 4 month stay in the NICU. My older 3 children hated getting a bath when they were infants. Why? Because it's cold! I could kick myself for not thinking to wrap them in a blanket during bath time. Harper just loves her baths and has from day 1 when we were able to unplug her cords, wrap her up, and dip her into a small bin of warm water. In the NICU she was also on a heated table for extra warmth. It was always very important for her to stay warm so that her body didn't use up more calories than necessary. Every ounce matters when it comes to a preemie!

A swaddle bath is essentially a normal bath, but given with the newborn (or in this case preemie) wrapped in a thin blanket. The blanket allows the warm water to travel up the blanket and warm the parts of the body that are not submerged. You can also pour some water over them periodically to keep the blanket warm.

REAListic Health Tips for Busy Families

It can be challenging to educate ourselves on good nutrition when there's new- often conflicting- recommendations coming out everyday. But research repeatedly states one simple truth:

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is key to optimal health. So how can you and your kids be sure you're eating enough?

DIY Valentine's Day Cards

If you're like me you waited until the last minute to get those valentines together for the kids upcoming school party. Sure you can run to the store and buy a box of cards with the latest movie characters on them, but here's an original option that's super cute and easy! You might even have most of the supplies on hand like I did. 

All you'll need for these quick DIY valentines are:

An Instagram NICU Story

Harper Joy is my beautiful preemie girl, born July 25, 2014 at just 25 weeks gestation (a normal pregnancy lasts between 37-40 weeks). Today she is alive and well!

It was always my desire to write down Harper's journey since the day she was born, but a gifted journal from a friend remains blank. There simply isn't enough time in the day to perfectly capture all of the thoughts, feelings, and events that transpired while we journeyed through the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). At least not with three other children at home :)

Thankfully, I have small pieces of our time captured here online. The details below are only "the highlights" of Harper's 4 month (125 days) stay at the Level III NICU in Miami Valley Hospital, but hopefully there is just enough here for you to meet and be encouraged by our little miracle.

Though prematurity is scary, these babies can be stronger than you think and the doctors and nurses that take care of them are more amazing than you know!