4 Weeks to a More Organized Home: Week 1

As I announced in a post last week, I decided to follow Money Saving Mom in her 4 week challenge to a more organized home. In her ebook MSM explains the importance of routines and uses a wonderful illustration about focusing on "the big rocks" (your priorities) first so that the "pebbles and sand" of life (small stuff) wont take up all your time.

Last week, along with a daily assignment, MSM encouraged a morning, afternoon, and evening routine. She pointed out that it wouldn't be easy to just jump in to a new routine and to give yourself about 3 weeks to adjust. 

I might need a bit longer...

Here is the morning routine I thought would be ideal:

Wake Up/Make Coffee
Read Bible/Pray
Children Up/Feed Baby
Start a Load of Laundry
Empty Dishwasher
Make/Eat Breakfast
Switch Laundry
Take Dinner Out of Freezer
Homeschool/Baby Naps

Here is what actually happened:

Children Up/I Wake Up/Make Coffee/Feed Baby
Empty Dishwasher
Make/Eat Breakfast
Take Dinner Out of Freezer
Baby Naps

In my defense we had an odd-ball week seeing as though we didn't move back into our house until Wednesday. Hopefully that explains our break from school. It does not explain my break from quiet times however :(

Obviously I am not waking up early enough for this "ideal" routine. So that is what I'll be working on this week. Going to bed earlier and waking up earlier. 

Again, this might take awhile...

One more thing about the routine. On Instagram I posted my new morning routine and I posed the question about whether I should do a load of laundry everyday or have a designated laundry day. A few responded saying I should have a laundry day. So, I decided to give it a try.

Today was "laundry day". And sadly, it was a disaster. Laundry was piled up so much I could barely get to the washer and dryer, and I was so overwhelmed that I called my mom over for back-up. Thankfully, she came over and helped me through a few loads. Thanks Mom! But it is currently 9:30pm and there is no end in sight. It does not help that I decided to wash the kids' comforters/duvets today as well, but still. All that folding and putting away. Bleck! 

Thanks for your input girls, but I think I'm going to be keeping it a part of my morning routine after all ;)

I will say, that although I did not follow the daily checklists in the ebook exactly, it was nice to be encouraged to do certain things on a daily basis. Getting dressed in something that makes you feel great, writing out goals for the day/week, getting rid of items that are collecting dust, and doing quick 15-minute sweeps through each room, were all helpful and nothing to get too legalistic about. I use the word legalistic because I have a tendency to commit to something and if I don't do it exactly as planned I get bummed out and feel bad about myself. I am taking this challenge with a HEAVY dose of GRACE. 

I did follow through with a few of the extra cleaning suggestions such as cleaning out my fridge/freezer. That was a really wonderful thing to get out of the way! 

Today's assignment included cleaning out your vehicle which I happened to have done on Saturday because of the wonderful weather we had. Bonus! 

In conclusion, I think last week went great. No, I didn't master my morning routine. No, I didn't put on something that made me feel great everyday, and yes I missed a few things like removing the cushions and vacuuming out the couch. But the goal here is not perfection, it is growth. As long as I've taken a few steps in the right direction all while balancing life with 3 little ones I am thrilled. 

Thank God that His mercies are new every morning!

Every morning at 6:30am...  

How are you doing? Did you take the challenge? Have you followed one in the past? Comment below!

For a simple one-day challenge, check out my 4-Box Technique for organizing any room in your home! 


We're Going on a Bear Hunt Craft

"We're going on a bear hunt. We're going to catch a big one. What a beautiful day! We're not scared!"

We're Going on a Bear Hunt, retold by Michael Rosen and Illustrated by Helen Oxenbury, is a beloved classic and one of our favorite children's books. The kids have fond memories of learning to sing the story with their old sitter, and have had it memorized ever since. It truly never gets old, and now they have the pleasure of teaching it to their baby sister!

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home: The Challenge

As I explained in my last post, we've been a little off our routine lately. Thankfully, it looks like we'll be back at home on Wednesday, and ready for a fresh start!

Ever since January 1st of this year I have had the goal of getting more organized... at home, in my routines, in general! Unfortunately, I have continued in my old haphazard ways and let life push me around leaving me with a the constant feeling of anxiety from unfinished projects, to-do's, and everyday activities that just aren't getting done (i.e. cooking, cleaning, laundry, Bible Study, homeschool).

Lessons from a Busted Pipe: How to protect your home against flooding and mold!

This past week has been ridiculous. Hence the crickets here on the blog. It started out with my husband falling ill last Tuesday, my daughter following suit on Thursday, and the rest of us (me, my son, and the baby) shortly thereafter. Turns out we had the respiratory flu. Yep. The very thing that I am obsessed with trying to prevent through healthy eating.

Anyhow, in a crazy series of events, we simultaneously learned about a growing mold problem in the home we are currently renting and had to move in with my parents for the time being (thankfully they were gracious to take us in despite our poor health!).

Today is the first day, I feel like a normal person. I now know why people get the flu shot (although I've heard of enough people getting the flu anyway, so it's still not quite argument enough for me to get one).

What does all this have to do with a busted pipe you might ask? Well, I believe, it was the beginning of our series of unfortunate events.

It didn't start out busted. It started out frozen. And then it busted.

Teaching Kids Their Phone Number: Free iPhone Printable

I drew up this iPhone graphic today to help my kids memorize and practice dialing my phone number. We only use cell phones these days so I thought the iPhone graphic was appropriate since that's what I've taught them to make out going calls on in case of an emergency.

Make sure your kids can recognize the word "EMERGENCY" on your phone since you don't have to go all the way to the keypad to dial 911.

Keep in mind, it is also important that they know their address, because when you call 911 from a cell phone that is the first thing the dispatcher will ask you. I would assume they might be able to figure out where you are via GPS or something, but kids should know their address anyway so why not prep them in case they have to be a hero and make the call! 

Homeschool: A Day in the Life

We are currently on the 28th week of our first year of homeschool. Preschool and Kindergarten to be exact (with a slightly high-maintenance 11-month-old crawling around). While this makes me much less than an expert on the subject, I wanted to share about our days because it has been largely thanks to other moms sharing about their days that I had the confidence to do this in the first place.