4 Weeks to a More Organized Home: The Challenge

As I explained in my last post, we've been a little off our routine lately. Thankfully, it looks like we'll be back at home on Wednesday, and ready for a fresh start!

Ever since January 1st of this year I have had the goal of getting more organized... at home, in my routines, in general! Unfortunately, I have continued in my old haphazard ways and let life push me around leaving me with a the constant feeling of anxiety from unfinished projects, to-do's, and everyday activities that just aren't getting done (i.e. cooking, cleaning, laundry, Bible Study, homeschool).

I've admitted before that I'm not the tidiest person around. But, since starting the blog back in October, I have really felt the need to get a better grip so I don't feel guilty about sneaking away to write, or do anything else I enjoy for that matter!

This weekend I was inspired by a friend who started following a simple routine to help her stay focused throughout the week on her priorities. I knew it was time for me to follow suit!

Just this morning I found a great ebook and 4-week challenge on the Money Saving Mom blog, and it started today!  

Here's a great illustration from her ebook that sums up the need for prioritizing your day...

A popular story describes a time-management professor who demonstrates the importance of prioritizing by filling a five-gallon mason jar with fist-size rocks and asking the class if the jar is full. Since another big rock wouldn’t fit, the class answers, “yes.” However, the professor proceeds to pour a pitcher of gravel, then sand, and finally water into the jar before it is finally full.

The point of the story is not that you can cram much more than you ever dreamed into any given day. The point is this: “If you don’t put your big rocks in first, the fillers of life will take up your day and you won’t fit your big rocks in at all.” - 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home, ebook

Every weekday morning at around 10 a.m. EST, Money Saving Mom will be posting an assignment for the day from her ebook, and every evening at around 8 p.m. EST, she'll be posting her progress and pictures, along with a link-up for others to share their progress and pictures, too.

In her ebook, she also outlines the importance of having an accountability partner. Well guess what? You are mine!

I'll be sharing my daily progress over on Instagram if you'd like to following along and I'll do a summary post each week for the next 4 weeks!

What about you? Have you been plagued by an unorganized schedule? Do you need to get your home in order?

Let me know if you plan to join me in the 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home challenge (or if you simply plan to follow along and be my accountability partner) by commenting below. 

Happy Organizing!


  1. Wow! I love that description from MSM's ebook. I am right there with ya, Laurie. I even downloaded her ebook yesterday lol

    1. That's great Sarah! Can't wait to hear how it goes for you!